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Bill Molenhof

Bill Molenhof

Born: January 2, 1954

He began his professional career touring the Pacific Northwest and Alaska with guitarist Wayne Johnson, drummer Danny Gottlieb and singer Oleta Adams in 1974. At age 21 he was invited by Gary Burton to teach at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. During that time he performed with pianist James Williams and guitarist Pat Metheny.

In 1976 Bill moved to New York to work as featured vibraphone soloist with singers Jackie Cain and Roy Kral. Other collaborations with Ruby Braff, Hank Roberts, Tim Berne, Zbigniew Namyslowski , Roberto Ottaviano, and Keith Copland have provided great experience and exposure.

In 1983 Bill made his European debut at the Tuebingen (Germany) International Festival with drummer Ed Thigpen. Since then he has had featured appearances in Germany (where he lives and teaches), France, Austria, Holland, the Ukraine, Brazil, Norway, Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Italy, Uruguay and Australia. His international reputation is secured by regional and national radio and television broadcasts in all of these countries.

Currently Bill teaches at the Hochschule Fur Musik in Nurnberg, Germany.

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Busy Signal (Digital Download Only)

Busy Signal (Digital Download Only)

Product #: 20270
Credits: Molenhof
Series: Percussion Duet



Music Of The Day (Book with MP3)

Music Of The Day (Book with MP3)

Product #: 13990
Credits: Molenhof
Series: Mallet Solo



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