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Virtual Learning during COVID-19

Printed Music Guidelines

Digital versions of previously purchased Kendor products (Kendor Music, Almitra Music and Cojarco Music), may be created for online instruction without further permission from Kendor Music during the Pandemic, with the following conditions:

  • Material must be provided to students in a secure format (password protected, private drives or emailed directly), and must not be posted/shared online in a way that could be accessed by others.
  • Digital distribution of materials may not replace purchasing music.
  • Copyright notices must be included as they appear on the printed music.
  • Sharing of any digital versions with others outside the school district is strictly prohibited.


Video and Audio Guidelines

During this time of the Pandemic, if you purchased music that is owned by Kendor Music (Kendor Music, Almitra Music and Cojarco Music), you may make video and/or audio recordings and share/post online with the following conditions:

  • Sharing of files must be in a secure format (password protected or emailed directly)
  • If posting online (YouTube, etc.), please remove video no later than August 1, 2021
  • The school/organization is not permitted to charge a fee for the recording.

2020 Jazz And String Orchestra Recordings

Volume 40 Jazz Publications
Our newest 2020 Jazz Ensemble and String Orchestra recordings are now available.

Volume 40 Jazz Publications

Volume 40 String Publications


Volume 40 String Publications


Section Workouts


These 3 innovative collections were conceived as a tool to help each jazz section refine their skills as a unit of the contemporary big band, including balance, blend, articulation and phrasing. Each collection includes 6 full performance pieces in a variety of styles. Optional rhythm section parts are included, along with written or ad lib solos for any player. Two downloadable MP3 tracks are included for each piece: a full performance with rhythm section, and a rhythm section only MP3 that can be used in rehearsals or performances without a rhythm section.

Saxophone Section Workout by Andrew Neu

Trumpet Section Workout by Doug Beach

Trombone Section Workout by Bret Zvacek



Basic String Technique (A Practical Guide To String Instruction)


Designed to accompany any string method, this book provides thorough instruction on basic instrument setup, technique, fixing common mistakes, and more. The first year of instrumental instruction is arguably the most important, if good technique and habits are not established early, students are likely to struggle to achieve quality results. The goal of this book is to provide a resource of ideas and instructional techniques to aid in the challenging work of teaching beginning string students. Perfect for teachers who are new to string education, it also provides helpful teaching strategies for veteran string educators.



Kendor Concert Favorites, Volume 3


This collection for grade 2 string orchestra features 10 full performance pieces that have been published previously as separate editions. All of the pieces are proven bestsellers and many are included on state contest lists throughout the United States.

Full Score

1st Violin

2nd Violin

3rd Violin/Viola T.C.




Piano (opt.)

Kendor Recital Solos, Volume 2


This exciting new collection contains 8 grade 3-4 pieces for instrumental solo with piano accompaniment. Many of the titles have been published as single pieces and are listed on several state contest lists. Each book includes free MP3 downloads of the piano accompaniment:

Flute Solo with Piano Accompaniment

Bb Clarinet Solo with Piano Accompaniment

Eb Alto Saxophone Solo with Piano Accompaniment

Bb Tenor Saxophone Solo with Piano Accompaniment

Bb Trumpet Solo with Piano Accompaniment

Horn in F Solo with Piano Accompaniment

Trombone Solo with Piano Accompaniment

Baritone T.C. Solo with Piano Accompaniment

Baritone B.C. Solo with Piano Accompaniment

Tuba Solo with Piano Accompaniment


Cross-Curricular Learning For The Instrumental Ensemble

Volume 38 Jazz Publications
Geared toward middle school orchestra and concert bands, this book will take your concert music to a more meaningful level for your students through cross-curricular units. These fun and interactive projects connect the music that students are playing with Math, History, and English/Language Arts. This book contains detailed lesson plans and reproducible materials for each of the 9 units. Repertoire lists that may be paired with the units and projects in the book are included. #20615, $29.95


The Jazz Commandments (Guidelines For Jazz Articulation And Style) by Jerry Tolson


This book with MP3s addresses articulation and style situations that are commonly found in jazz music by introducing a set of guidelines that can be used to make decisions regarding the treatment of notes and rhythms in the swing style. It includes exercises and catchy tunes that can be used to sound more stylistically accurate and authentic, which makes this a valuable resource for directors, individual students, combos, and big bands. Players will see immediate improvement in jazz articulation and style performance.

C Instruments

Bb Instruments

Eb Instruments

C Bass Clef Instruments


Kendor's Products Available Digitally

Over 2,250 Kendor products are now available both as physical products and also as digital downloads.  When viewing a Kendor edition on our site, the products with a digital option will include a button labeled "Digital Download".  By clicking on the button, you will be seamlessly transported to sheetmusicdirect.com where you can download a digital copy.  We will continue to add products to this service often, so please check back again and again!

If you are a music dealer and would like to sell our products digitally, please contact our sales department.


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