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Contest And Festival Scores

If you wish to make copies of jazz ensemble, concert band, and string orchestra conductor scores for adjudication and the copyright of the piece is owned by Kendor Music Publishing, Doug Beach Music, Almitra Music, or Cojarco Music (see actual copyright notice on music), you can simply complete the form below at least 3 business days prior to your festival. This applies to both in-print and permanently out of print publications. The administrative fee for this permission is fifteen ($15.00) dollars. Once your order has been received, a letter confirming that you have legally obtained permission to copy our score(s) will be emailed within 2 business days. This permission allows you to make up to 3 copies of the score and is granted for one specific performance only; you must destroy the copies immediately after the adjudication. If you wish to keep extra scores in your permanent library, publisher produced scores are available for most titles in our catalog (both in-print and permanently out of print). Contact our office for availability ( Also, note that this permission applies to conductor scores only – individual performance parts must be purchased separately.

To make copies of jazz ensemble, concert band, and orchestra conductor scores for adjudication, click here!



Licensing Overview

To correctly understand the Kendor Music Publishing catalog and our administration of the publications it contains, you should know:

  • that we are not the copyright owner of all titles in our catalog. In many cases, Kendor Music Publishing  has merely licensed the print rights only from other owners. This is particularly true in our jazz listings since several writers (i.e. Nestico, Mintzer, Fedchock, Schneider, Harris, etc.) who record commercially wish to retain full control of their creative property. Among other things, this means we can't grant permission to record and broadcast. When we receive such inquiries involving titles we've licensed, we forward them to the owner for direct response.
  • that Kendor Music Publishing  is one of three companies. Almitra Music Co., Inc. and Cojarco Music, Inc. are Kendor Music Publishing's sister companies. This three-way split allows us to align our copyrights according to a composer's membership in one of three national performing rights organizations – Kendor Music Publishing  is a SESAC affiliate, Almitra is an ASCAP company, and Cojarco is a publisher member of BMI – so that public performance royalties collected by these organizations can be processed quickly and efficiently.

Therefore, before you seek permission to use our publications in recordings, cable broadcasts, videos, special public performances, etc., check the first line in the copyright notice for the name of the copyright owner. If it's Kendor Music Publishing , Almitra or Cojarco, we'll be able to respond directly. If not, we'll forward your inquiry to one of our licensors.






If you're planning to produce and distribute recordings featuring selections from the Kendor Music Publishing  catalog, you must obtain a mechanical (recording) license, which among other things confirms the copyright owner's consent and royalty terms. This is necessary even if you're giving your recordings away or making just 20 CD as a memento for graduating seniors. While securing mechanical licenses is best done before a project is officially underway (before performances are recorded), they are often issued just before or immediately after record release dates. 

Preparing and Sending Requests

Requests for mechanical licenses should always include:

  • record company name, address, and email
  • title, writer, copyright owner, and duration for each selection
  • performing artist or organization
  • recording quantity and type (compact disc, cassette)
  • proposed release date

To determine where to send your Kendor Music Publishing  licensing requests, first find the owner's name in the top line of the copyright notice on the printed music. If the owner is Kendor Music Publishing , Almitra, Cojarco or Doug Beach Music, send your request to:

The Harry Fox Agency, Inc.
711 Third Avenue
New York NY 10017

212-370-5330 phone

All other requests should be sent to the attention of the copyright administrator by email ( They will then forward your request to the owners so they can contact you directly.


Since the current U.S. Copyright Law went into effect in 1976, a vast amount of material has been distributed among music educators explaining what can and cannot be legally photocopied. In case you've missed this information elsewhere, the following is a quick summary of permitted and prohibited uses of Kendor Music Publishing.



These are the conditions under which you do not need permission to photocopy music:

1.    Emergency copying to replace purchased copies which are unavailable for an imminent performance, provided purchased replacement copies are substituted as soon as possible.

2.    For academic purposes other than performance, multiple copies of excerpts of works may be made, provided that such excerpts do not comprise a perform-able unit (section, movement, aria) and represent no more than 10% of the whole work. The number of copies allowed is one (1) copy per student.

3.    Printed copies which have been purchased may be edited or simplified, provided that the fundamental character of the music is not changed or distorted.



These are the conditions under which photocopies cannot be made:

1.    Copying for performance, except as in #1 above.

2.    Copying for the purpose of avoiding the purchase of published music.

3.    Copying without inclusion of the copyright notice which appears on the printed music.



People often ask us for authorization to photocopy music for exceptional reasons. Sometimes they want to copy and program an out-of-print Kendor Music Publishing edition they've heard or seen at another school. Other times they're planning a mass clarinet choir concert and want to make 20 or 30 copies of various parts to supplement the set(s) they’ve already purchased. Or maybe they're taking their group to a regional festival that requires double or triple the normal number of adjudication scores. Whatever the circumstances, we try to respond fairly and promptly because we value their interest in our music and their respect for the law.



Many people assume that a publisher's right to control the use of its music ends when an arrangement becomes inactive. Not so! This means you should never photocopy components from any edition, active or otherwise, without the written consent of the publisher.

Here at Kendor Music Publishing , we maintain an extensive file of archives to provide you with any extra adjudication scores and performance parts you need for the out-of-print editions in your library. These may be ordered through your customary dealer in exactly the same way you'd order extra scores and parts for active Kendor editions. To confirm archive availability, contact our business office.

Obviously, we can't supply extra scores and parts for editions not in our archives. In such cases, we'll issue written permission to copy an extra score or a few replacement parts without charge. If, however, the amount of copying is to be more extensive, our permission letter will stipulate a duplication fee and confirm that copies may be kept in your permanent library for unlimited future use.

Send requests for special permission to copy complete out-of-print editions or materials not in our archives to For the quickest response, be sure you provide specific details about what you want to copy, including title, writer, series, and the components (scores and parts) you need.


On rare occasions, we'll extend to organizations working with highly unusual personnel configurations the privilege of copying additional performance parts. Sometimes these special permissions are granted without charge, but more often they require payment of a duplicating fee. For example, we may allow a state jazz ensemble committee to make and distribute 50 copies of the first page from a lead trumpet part for all-state auditions without requiring payment, provided copies are destroyed after auditions. But if someone's planning a mass tuba ensemble concert, buys one or two Kendor Music Publishing  performance sets, and seeks permission to copy the additional parts they need, a duplicating fee will be required. For clarification on what we will and will not allow, please contact us at



If you have any unresolved questions about photocopying, contact Licensing Department at Kendor Music Publishing .


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