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If you wish to make copies of jazz ensemble, concert band, and string orchestra conductor scores for adjudication, and the copyright of the piece is owned by Kendor Music, Doug Beach Music, Almitra Music, or Cojarco Music (see actual copyright notice on music), you can simply complete the form below at least 3 business days prior to your festival. This applies to both in-print and permanently out of print publications.

The administrative fee for this permission is fifteen ($15.00) dollars and allows you to make up to 4 copies of the score. This permission is granted for one specific performance only, and you must destroy the copies immediately after the adjudication. Once your order has been received, a letter confirming that you have legally obtained permission to copy our score(s) will be emailed within 2 business days.

If you wish to keep extra scores in your permanent library, publisher produced scores are available for most titles in our catalog (both in-print and permanently out of print). Contact our office for availability ( Also note that this permission applies to conductor scores only – individual performance parts must be purchased separately.

Please enter the information (above) for a single piece of music and a single adjudication date. If requesting permission for more than one piece of music or for multiple adjudication dates, please add separate items to the shopping cart. Enter a Quantity of '1' to the 'add to basket' box, which entitles you to make up to 4 copies of the score for the 'Title' (specified above) for use on one 'Date of Adjudication'. All the information is required.

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