Dawn Of The Chili Pepper


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Product #:41828
Credits:Beach, Shutack
Series:Jazz Foundations Series
Instrumentation:standard jazz ensemble (playable by 4 horns plus rhythm section) with opt. flute, clarinet & F horn
Ranges:G5 trumpet, F4 trombone
Grade:Very Easy
Description:At last the origins of the elusive Chili Pepper are revealed in the Pepper’s first foray into the Jazz Foundations Series! Set in a driving tempo (quarter note = 176), this exciting tune makes the Chili Pepper spirit accessible to even the youngest players. The strong melody, solid ensemble writing and irresistible Latin groove combine to create a chart that will be a great favorite for years to come. Duration 4:10.
Recording:MP3 Download
SoloMate Tracks:Rehearse your solo with a professional rhythm section
Dawn of the Chili Pepper m53-64
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Product Code: 41828


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