Effective Etudes For Jazz, Volume 2 - Piano


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Product #:20715
Credits:Carubia, Jarvis
Series:Jazz Improvisation Method
Description:This essential book for jazz ensemble auditions, recitals, festivals, and lessons includes 20 etudes based on the changes to popular jazz standards so players learn to improvise over the chord progressions of songs that all jazz musicians should know. The downloadable MP3 tracks include two versions of each etude -- one with a professional soloist & rhythm section, and another with just the rhythm section.
Contents:Sunny Side Up; You And The Night; Dad's Tune; Holy Tom; Time Thief; Riff Blues; The Days Of Winding Hoses; Bird Lady; Bossa Azule; Sun-Like; Mona By Moonlight; Justified Friends; Day Is Night; Did You Meet Her?; Should I Remember You?; Share Our Key; See Ya Bird!; Into Somewhere; Without Warning; You Stepped In
See The Music:Sample Part
Bird Lady - PianoBird Lady - Rhythm Only
Bossa Azule - PianoBossa Azule - Rhythm Only
Dads Tune - PianoDads Tune - Rhythm Only
Day Is Night - PianoDay Is Night - Rhythm Only
Days Of Winding Hoses - PianoDays Of Winding Hoses - Rhythm Only
Did You Meet Her - PianoDid You Meet Her - Rhythm Only
Holy Tom - PianoHoly Tom - Rhythm Only
Into Somewhere - PianoInto Somewhere - Rhythm Only
Justified Friends - PianoJustified Friends - Rhythm Only
Mona by Moonlight - PianoMona by Moonlight - Rhythm Only
Riff Blues - PianoRiff Blues - Rhythm Only
See Ya Bird - PianoSee Ya Bird - Rhythm Only
Share Our Key - PianoShare Our Key - Rhythm Only
Should I Remember You - PianoShould I Remember You - Rhythm Only
Sun-Like - PianoSun-Like - Rhythm Only
Sunny Side Up - PianoSunny Side Up - Rhythm Only
Time Thief - PianoTime Thief - Rhythm Only
Without Warning - PianoWithout Warning - Rhythm Only
You Stepped In - PianoYou Stepped In - Rhythm Only
You and the Night - PianoYou and the Night - Rhythm Only
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Product Code: 20715


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