2022 String Orchestra New Releases

Accent String Orchestra Series

Bass Patrol

Timothy J. Isham

This new work for young String Orchestra is a perfect way to show off your bass section! Full of wonderful teaching moments and great fun for the low strings.

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Antelope Freeway

Steven L. Rosenhaus

Composer Steven L. Rosenhaus has crafted a charming new work for young String players! The title is both captivating and a little puzzling, but just like the music itself - will keep them coming back for more!

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Breakthrough String Orchestra Series

Colors in Bloom

David Bobrowitz

This new work for developing string orchestra is a great way to introduce extended pizzicato to your students. A charming baseline and melody will captivate your audiences and keep your musicians engaged!

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Voyager String Orchestra Series

Penguins on Parade

Susan H. Day

A wonderfully charming work for the developing string orchestra, Penguins on Parade evokes all the imagery of jolly and chunky penguins walking (or wobbling) in single-file across the snow! Students will love this one.

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A Mission to Mars

Jeffrey Frizzi

A great new fast-paced and aggressive work for the string ensemble. A Mission to Mars is full of drama and intrigue - driving rhythmic features will keep your musicians engaged and ready to play this one over and over.

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Moto Perpetuo

David Bobrowitz

This new work for strings has a lot to say, and even more opportunities to teach. Delicate bowing considerations will help strengthen legato bowing on the off-beats. Each section has meaningful material. A great teaching piece that will sound great in a performance too!

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Isolation Blues

Susan H. Day

Written during a long stay at home, this introspective work for string orchestras is charming and boasts a catchy melody too! Students will enjoy the intrigue in all the "blue" notes.

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Concert String Orchestra Series

(City of Bones)

Michael Hopkins

This teaching piece is equally accessible in the classroom as it is on the performance stage. Everyone in the orchestra has meaningful parts which are used to highlight a vast array of orchestration colors.

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from Concerto Grosso Op. 6 n. 8
(Christmas Concerto)

Arcangelo Corelli
Arranged byBrandon Bangle

This famous movement is brought to new life in an accessible new arrangement by newcomer Brandon Bangle.

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Concerto Grosso
(Op. 3 No. 5)

George Frederic Handel
Arranged by Steven Frackenpohl

A classic brought center-stage with this great new arrangement for String Orchestra.

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Symphonic String Orchestra Series

Rhapsody in Blue

George Gershwin
Arranged by Michael Hopkins

Rhapsody in Blue has found its way among the classics as a timeless piece of music history. This accessible arrangement brings this beloved work to the String Orchestra.

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