Legends Of Percussion, Duet Edition (Digital Download Only)


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Product #:19696
Series:Percussion Duet
Instrumentation:2 Snare Drums, Timpani, Vibes or Marimba, and Tom-Toms
Description:As the titles in this collection of 4 duets indicate, this music paying tribute to percussion greats of the 20th century celebrates their hallmark styles: Ringo Starr & Charlie Watts (rock & shuffle); Elden "Buster" Bailey & Saul Goodman (jazz & semi-classical); Milt Jackson & Max Roach (jazz); Gene Krupa & Buddy Rich (jazz). Biographical notes for each artist are provided and no page turns are required. 
See The Music:Sample Page
YouTube:YouTube Performance - Ringo Starr & Charlie Watts

Product Code: 19696


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