Moonlight Nocturne (the hunt begins)


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Product #:10078
Series:Apex String Orchestra
Instrumentation:standard string orchestra (88555) with opt. 3rd Violin/Viola TC (3)
Key:A minor 
Description:This mysterious and beautiful grade 3+ work conjures images of a hunt taking place under the cover of darkness with only the subtle light from the moon revealing the mysteries between the shadows. Complete with soaring melodies, a subtle but intense rhythmic motive highlighted by a dark and mysterious tone, this piece aims to spark the musical imagination of your performers and their audience! Get ready, because as quickly and subtly as it began, the piece will ultimately escape into the shadows between the moonlit night. Each set includes three copies of the 3rd Violin/Viola T.C. parts. Duration 3:50. Available in SmartMusic
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Product Code: 10078


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