Ewe, Thina (We Walk His Way)


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for those groups without access to a guiro. Duration 3:20. for those groups without a guiro.
Product #:09057
Credits:South African folk song/ Monday
Series:Voyager String Orchestra
Instrumentation:standard string orchestra (88555) with opt. 3rd Violin/Viola TC (3), piano and guiro
Keys: G, D
Description:Pronounced “Away Tina”, a little bit of syncopation goes a long way in this fun arrangement of the South African folk tune for grade 2 strings. Students will play pizzicato, clap and tap, lead and follow, and bow the fun rhythm patterns. Cellos will also love strumming some simple chords. The relaxed tempo is the perfect opportunity to learn the art of subdividing. The notes are very accessible in G and D major. Each set includes three copies of the 3rd Violin/Viola T.C., as well as optional guiro and piano parts. An MP3 of just the guiro part is provided here. Available in SmartMusic
Guiro Recording MP3
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Product Code: 09057


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