It's Oh, So Nice


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Product #:02390
Series:Jazz Journey
Instrumentation:standard jazz ensemble plus tuba & opt. F horns (2)
Ranges:C6 trumpet, Bb4 trombone
Description:As recorded on the great Basie-Straight Ahead album of 1968 by Count Basie, this swing outing features solid section and full-ensemble writing, brass buckets, sax scoops, drum fills, and piano in the solo role. The tempo is not taxing (quarter = 120) and paying careful attention to changes in dynamics will be especially important. Rhythm section parts are partially notated with chords cued.
SoloMate Tracks:Rehearse your solo with a professional rhythm section
It's Oh, So Nice Letter D9-E
It's Oh, So Nice Letter E-F
See The Music:Condensed Score

Product Code: 02390


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