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Voyager String                                                     SCarY NIGHT aT THE SYMPHONY
         Orchestra Series
                                                                            arranged by Frank J. Halferty
                      Grade 2-2+
                                                                            Grade 2+
aLLa DaNza TEDESCa                                                          Key: D minor
                                                                            Duration 3:30
(from String Quartet, Op. 130, Mvt. 4)                                      Price: $52
                                                                            Item #9447
by Ludwig van Beethoven
arranged by Deborah Baker Monday                                            This is the perfect choice for that Halloween concert. Including sam-
                                                                            ples of famous themes, including: Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, Bach’s
Grade 2+                                                                    Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, Mussorgsky’s Night On Bald Mountain,
Key: G                                                                      Grieg’s In The Hall Of The Mountain King and Wagner’s Ride Of The
Duration 3:00                                                               Valkyries, and wrapped them into a very playable piece. Set includes
Price: $52                                                                  optional 3rd Violin/Viola T.C. parts.
Item #8893
This German dance is the 4th of 6 movements in Beethoven's final
quartet, composed the year before his death. As with most string quar-      WILDFIrE
tet music, there is lots of interest in parts as they weave back and forth
with imitative motives.The dynamics are exquisite and make a great          by Kathryn Griesinger
teaching point as well as the 3 beat slurs which occur in all parts. Set
includes optional 3rd Violin/Viola T.C. parts.                              Grade 2
                                                                            Key: E minor
   ScoreSync                                                                Duration 2:05
                                                                            Price: $52
DuSK IN THE FOrEST                                                          Item #9765

by Kirt Mosier                                                              The rapid pace and tight rhythms of this piece will help students
                                                                            develop quick and crisp bowing technique. A fast and furious theme
Grade 2                                                                     requires precision in playing staccato and hooked bowings while man-
Key: D                                                                      aging string crossings, resulting in a great teaching piece and concert
Duration 2:25                                                               feature. This piece remains within first position with just a few slurs
Price: $52                                                                  and 16th-note patterns. Set includes optional 3rd Violin/Viola T.C.
Item #9048                                                                  parts.

This beautiful, lyrical original ensures that every instrument enjoys the      ScoreSync
melody. Although the piano part is not required, it greatly enhances
the orchestra’s sound. Perfect for teaching longer bow techniques and               Apex String
exploring beautiful lyrical lines, it also gives students the chance to             Orchestra Series
hear and tune to common chord progressions. Set includes optional
3rd Violin/Viola T.C. and piano parts.                                                            Grade 3-4

   ScoreSync                                                                BLaCK IS THE COLOr
                                                                            OF MY TruE LOVE’S HaIr
                                                                            traditional American folk song
FIDDLING a-rOuND                                                            arranged by Andy Masters

by John Caponegro                                                           Grade 3
                                                                            Key: D minor
Grade 2                                                                     Duration 4:15
Key: E minor                                                                Price: $56
Duration 2:00                                                               Item #9967
Price: $52
Item #9100                                                                  This enchanting folk tune has a captivating, mysterious quality. With
                                                                            rich harmonies, interesting textures, and engaging parts for all, it
Featuring simple fiddle-style figures, it opens with pyramid entrances      will instantly become a favorite. Pairing the music with the historical
by each section and a tutti presentation of the main theme before the       context of the tune and text will deepen the students' experience even
canonic portion begins. When the rounds conclude, a recap of the            more. Set includes optional 3rd Violin/Viola T.C. parts.
introductory pyramid and a dramatic ritard in unison brings everything
to a satisfying finish. Set includes optional 3rd Violin/Viola T.C. parts.     ScoreSync

   ScoreSync                                                                 ScoreSync: follow along to the music with the full score on YouTube

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