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ENCORE EDITION                                                            SuPErSTar!

HaBaNEra                                                                  by Timothy J. Isham

(from Carmen Suite #2)                                                    Grade 1+
                                                                          Key: D
by Georges Bizet                                                          Duration 3:10
arranged by Robert S. Frost                                               Price: $45
                                                                          Item #8717
Grade 1+
Keys: D minor, D Major                                                    With all the energy and excitement of a top 40 song, this original will
Duration 2:00                                                             make your students feel like pop superstars! Driving rhythms and
Price: $45                                                                simple syncopations give it an authentic feel, while keeping the techni-
Item #8292                                                                cal demands to a minimum. Set includes optional 3rd Violin/Viola T.C.,
                                                                          piano and drum set parts. A rhythm section MP3 may be downloaded
This setting of the familiar dance theme is scored such that the          at for those groups without access to these
chromatic melody lies exceedingly well for young strings. A mix of        instruments.
legato and staccato bow strokes typify the lead lines, while supporting
parts play a good deal of pizzicato for essential contrast. Set includes     ScoreSync
optional 3rd Violin/Viola T.C. and piano parts.
                                                                          WENCESLaS, THE KING!
                                                                          arranged by Jeffrey Frizzi
                                                                          Grade 1
by Jeffrey Frizzi                                                         Key: D
                                                                          Duration 4:35
Grade 1+                                                                  Price: $45
Key: E minor                                                              Item #8847
Duration 2:10
Price: $45                                                                With a modern twist on the holiday classic Good King Wenceslas, the
Item #8348                                                                traditional melody is passed throughout the orchestra giving each sec-
                                                                          tion a chance to play part of the melody. The open string double stops
This fun piece will take you on a solar journey with a cool groove. The   create a fullness that will add a more mature sound to any beginning
melody is spread throughout all sections of the orchestra, making it      orchestra. Set includes optional 3rd Violin/Viola T.C. and piano parts.
very interesting for all players. Set includes optional 3rd Violin/Viola
T.C. and piano parts.                                                        ScoreSync

   ScoreSync                                                              ENCORE EDITION

ENCORE EDITION                                                            WExFOrD CIrCLE

MarCH OF THE METrO GNOME                                                  by Elliot A. Del Borgo

by Fred Hubbell                                                           Grade 1
                                                                          Key: E minor
Grade 1                                                                   Duration 2:00
Key: G                                                                    Price: $45
Duration 1:30                                                             Item #8848
Price: $45
Item #8430                                                                This energetic overture features driving rhythms and a fresh harmonic
                                                                          approach. Some violin and cello double stops add dramatic emphasis
Designed as a first concert piece, this enduring favorite limits rhythms  at key moments, and the aggressive finish will be especially popular
to nothing shorter than a quarter note, includes no slurs, provides       with audiences. Set includes optional 3rd Violin/Viola T.C. and piano
ample bowing reminders, and may even be performed minus basses            parts.
without sacrificing musical integrity. The percussion part for wood
block is essential as its steady quarter-note pulse represents the           ScoreSync
sound of a metronome. Set includes optional 3rd Violin/Viola T.C. and
woodblock parts.


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