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Volume 39 Demo Guide

                   String Orchestra

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Recordings of the music listed inside can be heard (and downloaded for free!) by visiting our website. Once there, you’ll clearly see
that our commitment to publishing the finest student level string orchestra music is stronger than ever.

This year our demo program also features six Encore Editions, perennial bestsellers that should be in your library, if they aren't

ScoreSync: follow along to the music with the full score on YouTube

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    grade 1 - 1+   grade 2 - 2+                                        grade 3 - 4

                             NEW - Cross-Curricular

                   Learning For The Instrumental Ensemble

                   Geared toward middle school orchestra and concert bands, this book by Arlene Bennett will take your
                   concert music to a more meaningful level for your students through cross-curricular units. These fun and
                   interactive projects connect the music that students are playing with Math, History, and English/Language
                   Arts. Contains detailed lesson plans and reproducible materials for each of the 9 units. Repertoire lists
                   that may be paired with the units and projects in the book are also included. #20615, $29.95

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