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The Jazz Educator’s                                                            Ten Jazz Duets
                                                                                                by Jeff Jarvis
                 by Jeff Jarvis & Doug Beach
                                                                                                     These carefully crafted grade 3-4 jazz duets utilize
                      The most comprehensive, how-to handbook for jazz                               easy-to-hear harmonies, commonly encountered jazz
                      educators ever published! Featuring easy-to-under-                             rhythms, and occasional metric changes. Interesting
                      stand text, loads of notated and recorded examples,                            material is provided for both musicians, and this
photos, 2 CD’s and unique illustrations by Steve Wiest, this book                                    collection is suitable for practice and performance as
provides inexperienced and seasoned teachers alike with tons of                                      well.
practical information. #20825, $55.00                                          Saxophone Duet (same key) #15831, $13.95
                                                                               Saxophone Duet (Eb Alto & Bb Tenor) #15871, $13.95
            Jazz Improvisation:                                                Trumpet Duet #17119, $13.95
            The Goal-Note Method                                               Trombone Duet #17535, $13.95

                 by Shelly Berg                                                            Thad Jones Lead
                                                                                           Trumpet Book
                      This text with CD for a 2-4 semester improvisation
                      course focuses on structural and harmonic concepts                             Lead parts for 8 big band charts from the Live At The
                      rather than scale-derived melodies. Based on the                               Village Vanguard and Consummation albums. Good
premise that successful improvisation comes when consonant tones                                     for developing phrasing, endurance and stylistic
are surrounded with a characteristic jazz formula. #20855, $60.00                                    playing skills. #21090, $9.95

            Jazz Piano Basics                                                  The Jazz                                                                           The Jazz
                                                                                Commandments                                                                      Commandments
                 by Matt Harris
                                                                                       GUIDELINES FOR JAZZ ARTICULATION AND STYLE                                 (Guidelines For Jazz Articulation
                      This book and CD set by luminary pianist, writer, and                                                                      by Jerry Tolson
                      jazz educator Matt Harris includes information on                                                                                           And Style)
                      voicing chords, comping rhythms, and more. A must
                      for motivated novices! #21143, $19.95                                          by Jerry Tolson

            Modern Jazz Solos                                                                              This book with MP3s addresses articu-
            For Drum Set                                                                                   lation and style situations that are com-
                                                                               monly found in jazz music by introducing a set of guidelines
                 by Rich Thompson                                              that can be used to make decisions regarding the treatment
                                                                               of notes and rhythms in the swing style. Exercises and
                      Each solo in this set of 10 pieces (with CD) for         catchy tunes that can be used to sound more stylistically
                      proficient players pays homage to a famous jazz          accurate and authentic make this a valuable resource for
                      drummer -- Al Foster, Roy Haynes, Adam Nussbaum,         directors, individual students, combos, and big bands. Users
Bill Stewart, Joey Baron, Brian Blade, Jack DeJohnette, Steve Gadd,            of this book and MP3s will see immediate improvement in
and Jimmy Cobb. Biographical information and suggested listening               jazz articulation and style performance.
information for each drummer is included. #13555, $14.99
                                                                               C Treble Clef Instruments • #20820, $19.95
            Relaxed Hand                                                       Bb Instruments • #20821, $19.95
            Technique                                                          Eb Instruments • #20822, $19.95
                                                                               C Bass Clef Instruments • #20823, $19.95
                 by Roy Burns
                 edited by Murray Houllif

                      Based on the drum set artistry of Roy Burns, this book
                      is chocked full of exercises and practice techniques to
help drummers achieve a more relaxed technique that can be applied
to all drumming styles. With this technique comes increased speed,
power, endurance and finesse. It is suitable for drummers in the early
learning stages as well as experienced performers who want to fine-
tune their playing skills. A CD featuring four amazing extended drum
set solos performed by Roy clearly demonstrates what diligent practice
of these techniques can achieve. #21188, $22.95

            Sing It First

                 by Wycliffe Gordon
                 edited by Alan Raph

                      This book presents the concepts that jazz trombonist
                      Wycliffe Gordon has used to develop his own playing.
                      Singing the music before playing it is the key to his
                      success, and this book will show you how to do it!
                      #21192, $17.95

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